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  • 6 Months
  • 550+ Sessions

Best Civil Design Training Course in Goa | 100% Job Guarantee

Training Details

If you are on the lookout for the best civil design training institute in Goa and want to acquire civil design certification then, STAAD Pro training in Goa offered by CRBtech will be the best choice to go for!

In some organizations, recruiters demand relevant work experience in civil designing to be a part of their organization. In such cases, you need to look for internship oriented civil design courses after completion of your civil engineering.

CRBtech's civil design classes ensure that their trainees have active participation in their live projects rather than relying on theoretical knowledge. A civil design engineer on an average can earn about Rs. 469,900 per annum or Rs. 465/hr.

Civil designers work in collaboration with project managers and engineers in regulating labor, material and other relative costs. Besides this, civil designers may also have to work through a range of specialized projects, such as water supplies, erosion control systems, wastewater control, underground utilities, traffic management etc. A civil engineer must be flexible enough to work in office and outdoors as per the project needs.

What benefits will you gain from our AutoCAD training?

  • Credence builder
  • Exposure to great career opportunities
  • Keeps you at a certain level from the untrained candidates
  • Reduce knowledge gap and develops skills
  • Certainty of getting a high salary package

What you get

  • Unlimited placement calls
  • Collaboration with 500+ clients
  • Learn from corporate trainers
  • LOI within 15 days
  • Project guidance on latest technologies
  • Technical GD & Foreign language sessions
  • GD-PI & aptitude preparation
  • Earn & Learn Programme
  • Life time support guarantee
  • HR grooming & Mock interview sessions
  • Upgrade bilingual skills to the next level
  • An international placement guarantee
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About Civil Design Training Programme

There are many civil design classes in Goa, that offers civil design certification. Many aspirants get carried away by looking for certification and get enrolled in institutes. This kind of certification will not have any value and training provided will not be of good quality. So it is always advisable to search and approach the right institute that will uplift your skills and knowledge as per the demands across the industry.

CRBtech provides its trainees with an extensive training in civil engineering, designing models and working on civil application tools. Such civil design courses are structured and organized to offer practical assessments in civil designing, and understanding real time issues that rises on and off site in an organization.

Training Programme Outline

A Staad Pro training course in Goa at CRBtech comprises of the following syllabus highlights:

  • BIM & Civil Fundamentals
  • Drafting & Detailing
  • AutoCAD
  • 3D Modeling Software – Revit, Google Sketch up and 3Ds Max
  • Structural Analysis & Design – STAAD Pro
  • Multistorey Building & Foundation Design – ETAB & SAFE

Some additional skill-enhancement training modules are listed below:

  • Soft Skills
  • On project training
  • Foreign language coaching
  • Aptitude

What’s special about us-

  • CRBtech's civil design training institute in Goa offers one of the best in campus recruitments.
  • We conduct special workshops and seminars to enhance communication and presentation skills of the trainees.
  • Our civil design training has its industrial associations with almost 500+ MNCs and MLCs.
  • Our AutoCAD training programs are offered with mentorship and guidance from the industry experts.
  • At CRBtech, you will also be trained on not just the core aspects of the language, but the technical/scientific terminologies in that language as well.
  • We have our offices located at the premium locations in the cities with modern infrastructure to provide a corporate edge to the trainees.
  • Our training courses are quite affordable.
  • We have prevailed a 100% placement record.

The above factors make CRBtech as one of the best civil design training institute in Goa.

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